And the interesting thing is 20% of the stuff that goes into phase 1 never makes it which means it fails. . Trump wanted to get rid of the swamp and he will. So I encourage everyone to take this. So its a Systems Approach to biology. 2012 - Smithsonian Honors Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai as the Inventor of Email and Accepts His Papers and Documents. It has 123456. Educator. He shares with. He is widely known as the inventor of email. But here is really the talk about what is the essence of the TRUTH FREEDOM HEALTH Movement. Expandir pesquisa. And let me give an introduction on this. So again, the good news is and thats called angiogenesis. Boosting Your Immune System During a Pandemic. So, in closing, I want to end with pounding on the fact as I talked about when I looked at the curcumin and the resveratrol example, which Cytosolve was able to do is were able to understand these synergistic responses, because thats why were able to really discover things. And thats really that video really encompasses the heart and the soul of what were trying to do here. intended goal. Iscriviti ora Accedi . So lets look at the molecular targets of Ginger. Never mind the fact that because you hustled your way to the head of the line, you may have contacted Covid just now! Dr Shiva is an Indian-American scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So, by the way, thats really embodied in the Truth Freedom Health Platform. MIT PhD Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Explains the Reality of the Modern Immune System IMMUNE HEALTH CoronaVirus Is the Right Time to Discusss Immune Health INFRASTRUCTURE, INFRASTRUCTURE, INFRASTRUCTURE Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Exposes How CoronaVirus Exemplifies Deep State Creating Fear, Fake Problems, Fake Solutions. Many of you have asked how you can help. CytoSolve is an engine to find the Scientific Source of Truth. Wake up. fender american professional ii vs ultra. And what many of these nutraceutical companies do is throw formulations that say they throw a lot of marketing. I cant recommend this enough and you should obviously talk to your doctors. Dr.SHIVA was the first to share its power to the global audience when the #Coronavirus fear-mongering was unleashed by the #DeepState and had to withstand censorship and attacks by the grifters who questioned his expertise on the subject. Biology kept saying, well, we knew a worm had around 20,000 genes. You will be proven Wrong. This is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. Engineer. And your body is a system and so when you take this system it interacts with your body it has some profound effects so this way you have to start thinking everything as systems, system, systems. Remember, all your bodys a big chemical factory. And the idea is, this is pretty much it, okay? For example, lets say I wanted to combine Turmeric, which we talked about with resveratrol, which are grapes. Dr. Shiva share how the theory of the immune system being taught now is about a 100 years old. So there are people who will get a virus or a flu they wont they wont even get antibodies but their body fights and because the interferon system creates IFNs which go and activate NK cells, they activate you know the natural killer cells so your body gets immunity other way so its not just the antibodies thats a reductionist non systems view. Now, months later his findings are proving to be right. And thats part of the Truth Freedom Health Platform. Furthermore, it takes about $5,000,000,000 and 13 years to do. Well, we can also take a Bottoms-up approach, but from integrating engineering systems theory, as well as Eastern systems of medicine, which is what weve done with the approach that I shared with you earlier, where were looking at engineering systems theory, which is what I discovered after my Fulbright work. Anyone over the age of 40 remembers these but this was also another system and I was asked to convert this entire system into the electronic form I wrote 50,000 lines of Fortran code before I came to MIT named that system Email as you can see here and you know won a number of awards in innovation before again I get came to MIT and in fact when I got to MIT the president of MIT told me that I should copyright it because that was the only way to protect software inventions because the patent system was behind software and so you can see right here I patented copyrighted Email giving me the first U.S. copyright for Email recognizing me of the invalid Email but more importantly I learned about systems sleep systems technology systems as Email. Well, it has inflammatory enzymes, it affects so Lipoxygenase, Cycloxygenase, these are whats called COX-2 enzymes are the Lipoxygenase enzyme. It starts blowing them up and it also the antifungal nature of Ginger is it also disrupts the cell membrane disruption so it disrupts the cell membrane thats what the essential oil of Ginger does. And yet despite all of this, they still have not gotten enough death numbers for this deadly pandemic to justify the worldwide destruction of the economy which is going to kill millions of people. And Systems Health is literally the integration of Eastern and Western medicine. Jobs People Learning Dismiss Dismiss. Because when cancer takes place in your body cells that are supposed to die do not die. So, NF-kB, and Ginger or NF-kB serves as a target for Ginger. Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Scott Adams & Elizabeth Warren are BOTH Racists. Here, what Im doing is Im not just giving a lot of curcumin, a lot of resveratrol, Im doing a combination therapy, Im giving a little bit less of curcumin from 5 to 3, 40% less, a little bit less of resveratrol from 5 to 2, okay, which is a 60% reduction, watch what happens, you get it massive, nearly a 200% further decline in the cytokine response, which means the combination of curcumin and resveratrol had upregulated or downregulated to be specific inflammation even further, this is called the Synergistic response. And what Ginger does is Ginger can bind with other molecules, thats called the target. Join now Sign in . In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email breaks down the complexity of the Immune System and its interconnections to understand that modern science clearly shows that the future of medicine is personalized and precision medicine: the right medicine for the right person at the right time. By the way in the interest of time all of you will learn this when you sign up for the Truth Freedom Health warrior training program and what I discovered was that this system is the same as this system and in fact I wrote a scientific paper in an engineering journal really documenting this breakthrough which literally helped us interconnect east and west and that ended up becoming a whole institute of setup called system cells where people can take a master certification program and many of you may be interested in this weve have doctors healthcare practitioners yoga teachers anyone can take it theres a whole set of books written around it people can get certified well out of that course. So these are called molecular targets, right? Be the Light. This is the process of Pharmaceutical Drug Development. So this is pretty much this very rudimentary understanding of the Immune System. Lungs are being filled with fluid (because of an overreactive immune system) and one way to address the immune system is mega dosage Vitamin C. 80-90% of people on ventilators are dying. And over the last 16 years, weve actually built our own models, weve really started getting a deep understanding. So we see Ginger also interacts with that so obviously what youre finding is the research shows that Ginger can have many many anti cancer properties from its interaction okay so thats the molecular targets of Ginger. There you go that is our talk today on Ginger and the immune system I hope this was valuable and I want to encourage all of you to understand that throughout this talk here Ive integrated many things the Science of Systems talked about Truth Freedom Health talked about transport conversion and storage talked about politics talked about the invention of email why because everything is interconnected when we do these videos on studying ginger to affect the immune system understand that that same methodology can be used to understand political systems thats why I keep pounding away I want to educate about 50,000 Truth Freedom Health warriors so you can better your health you we can win freedom we can win truth its all interconnected anyway everyone Im late for my class but I hope all of you become Truth Freedom Health warriors and contribute to and support us you can you know just join as a member but I those of you who are supporting us financially I cannot take it without also giving back thats why weve created the supporter program you get the books and the your body or system or you get become a warrior so please support this for yourself we need to build a Bottoms-up movement thank you very much. What Health Benefits does Ginger Provide? Why do some folks think that Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD knows more about COVID-19 than Anthony Fauci, MD and other experts? Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions. One died from a chronic heart condition. Maybe its because they saw this interview from Christina Aguayo on the countrys first audience driven news platform that fosters the real voice of America., The case of Shiva Ayyadurai is the really telling one. And so one of the areas that I thought CytoSolve would be very powerful used is in the entire drug development field, which is highly highly takes a lot of time to do its highly, highly inefficient, you can see and its inefficient, it is broken, the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry is broken. 2023 - All Rights Reserved |, Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Vitamin D to Boost Immunity, Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Systems Biology of Blood Clots, Spike Protein & Pericytes Beyond Vaxx & Anti-Vaxx. This button displays the currently selected search type. Its a tool that interconnects east and west and its really been the journey of my life. But whats powerful about this is a promise that were making. All right now, lets look at the biological effects of Ginger. And we have figured out a powerful product that Im proud to release. VASHIVA, LLC. Dr. Fauci's policy, at best, is based on. And what Ive decided to do is, you know, for the last many, many years, Ive been helping major companies in business to business understand it, but over the last 15 years, we have created repositories and mathematical models. Yes Trump will bring about Change. Food is a system, an herb is a system so Ginger has you can see it has all these systemic effects and I want to share with you which Ill you know try to repeat in many of these videos because I know some of you are new. In fact, even the FDA is not allowing any of their medicines, are less and less of their medicines that come out because of the side effects and the toxicity. But it turns out genes are not who we are. Inventor of Email @va_shiva While I an expert on the immune system, as early as JAN 2020 shared REAL SCIENCE to STOP LOCKDOWNS & exposed BS of Masks, etc Scumbag MD Jay Bhattacharya, Et Al at CIA HQ a.k.a. Dr. Shiva Lalezar is committed to finding the root cause of your illness. This is the power of CytoSolve, CytoSolve is really the source of scientific Truth. So the right column here represents a cytokine, which is an inflammatory cytokine. With CytoSolve, we can break through that. Were going to talk about Ginger today. Because food has millions or 1000s of, you know, 10s of many different compounds, they can only handle the synthetic compounds. [6] gingerol, [8] gingerol, [10] gingerol, and [6] shogaol. So as I mentioned if you look at all those papers that are out Theyre on any topic in any indication CytoSolve is the ability to take all that research, bring it down to the relevant research, extract from it the molecular pathways, and then get a systems understanding of that phenomena. And the idea is that this Immune System will then trigger your Adaptive Immune System to create antibodies. Is anyone surprised? You guys get that together when you contribute that again, its my way of thanking you. Scientist. Okay, what is actually in Ginger and well find is in Ginger, there are 115 different chemical compounds, think about that. Cuando se ampla, se proporciona una lista de opciones de bsqueda para que los resultados coincidan con la seleccin actual. And that was really the creation of CytoSolve. And then were going to end with really understanding how Ginger affects the immune system. Understanding how Ginger Affects the Immune System. And lets not forget about the media and publications that back these serial criminals that make Jeffrey dahmer look like a cub scout! We found out that the complexity of an organism is not a function of the number of parts. And God forbid you ever got together and decided to work together, you would end up with something like this, which looked nothing like the elephant, okay? What would have happen if she had one. Topics on this website include the following: saying 'no' to GMO's, Systems Approach to Medicine, Immune Boosting Protocol, The Truth About Artificial Intelligence . So today is going to be Ginger and Immune Health, a CytoSolve Molecular Systems Biology Analysis. Become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior. Perhaps people like Dr Shiva are indeed quacks; kooks and C theorist; Its possible! So let me talk about CytoSolve, So CytoSolve is a powerful technology that came out of my PhD work at MIT during the period of 2003 to 2007 to really address a very powerful grand challenge that was put forward by the National Science Foundation which was how could you given that so much science and research is going on how could you use technology to mathematically model the human cell, how could you use technology to understand literature in a field and organize it and put it in such a way that you could actually use the computer to model diseases, model biochemical, biomolecular functions on the computer so we could understand the science of whats going on. Este botn muestra el tipo de bsqueda seleccionado. Any controversy that exists comes from a lack of understanding that Email is a system. Dr.SHIVA was the first to share its power to the global audience when the #Coronavirus fear-mongering was unleashed by the #DeepState and had to withstand censorship and attacks by the grifters who questioned his expertise on the subject. And then you can get activated, you can learn how you educate your neighbors about the real systems issue of masks, how you educate them to go Beyond Vax & Anti-vax So this is a Systems Approach. Dr Shiva Ayyadurai on Herd Immunity and Personalized Medicine. Which means that the compounds in the food are bioactive. So we will continue to support your education by doing that. What does it mean? He founded many tech companies and conducted various research and design models to integrate the traditional Indian method of healing, Siddha, with western medical systems. Some people think its a root, its in the term in Turmeric is also in the Ginger family as we talked about. And thats really the Truth Freedom Health Platform Movement, okay. nike nationals track and field backpack; 0 comments. This button displays the currently selected search type. She would observe their face so she could diagnose what kind of system they were and then when she would figure out the right medicine, for the right person, at the right time. VASHIVA, LLC. So I want you to understand when you take that Systems Approach. Again, were not killing any animals, were doing this experiment on the computer. The REAL Racism. And thats really the scientific method. Great mind, Shiva Ayyadurai. So this was my PhD work. I grew up as a young kid in Bombay, India which was a system within a system. It's a place to come and rest and reset your body. They are going to bring about real voter change. Okay? Fechar. Its fundamentally broken. So, its quite a large bit of research thats been done on it. And as I say, very clearly, on the back of the bottle, it says Dr. SHIVA, mV25, was formulated using the CytoSolve computational systems biology platform, a technology for precision and personalized health, invented by Dr. SHIVA during his doctoral research at MIT. Well, when youre when, God forbid anyone gets cancer, but when the tumor cell places itself in some organ or some area, it then starts proliferating itself, it puts down its own vasculature. We only have 20,000 genes, the same number of genes as a worm. There were scenes like this where my Grandparents were poor village farmers. Were able to do that same effect on the computer where my grandmother, for example, used to come up with combinations of lets say, mixing this herb and that or if you ask her, Well, how did you do that she would speak in a language, it was hard for people to understand in terms of not only language, but using an ancient system medicine. Go look at what the pillow guy has put out. So this is coming out where were actually going to the consumer to people like you to support your health, and its called mV25. Educator. So, and furthermore, if you look at the pharmaceutical industry, this is why they need to move into the market of vaccines because youre over a year and a year theyre doing R & D funding in this pharmaceutical model, and Big Pharma is frankly failing big time. approach to medicine and public health; and, at worst is. 4 Ways How Ginger Affects the Immune System. Look at the photo you posted from his Facebook. And that has resulted in mV25. To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. Fechar. Ginger does something quite powerful you can see right here are the calcium ion channels so under asthmatic conditions ca two ions enter right so calcium ions enter the airway smooth muscle cells and cause contraction of the airways. We just didnt do what in combination with trillions of combinations of bio molecular reactions to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that down regulate the biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling. Email is not the simple exchange of text messages. Patient : Doctor I have got Multiple ills ( many Side Effects ) from the Pill you Prescribed. Were not claiming its perfect, but based on whats going on at any point in Science, were able to bring that literature together and really understand it. This is what happens to Patients who may start with one Lifestyle disease such as High Cholesterol and then they end up having Diabetes also and then they Progress to suffer from may be Blood Pressure also. And what Ive done here is mapped out all the chemical reactions from nearly 6000 papers. This is our data center, you could create your own community here, ask questions, theres a Social Media equivalent that weve done to Facebook all underground, so you dont get thrown off. So, thats really, will give all of you a deep understanding of the many different kinds of things I do. When you go to, youll find out that on that site, there are many different things Ive done from the invention of Email, by the way, Email was a system. You ran for one state.Trump one against Hillary. And then we have angiogenesis regulators, VEGF What is that? And that binding can have an effect to increase the activity of that molecule or down regulate the activity, okay. And we went through billions of computations. Every day, our production team does at least one or two blog posts, we do our live videos, right from there. Im going to jump right into our talk today. So please go to Could we create a technology that could mathematically model that. The Inventor of Email, Systems Health, CytoSolve. So I appreciate all your guys support and the contributions people make. But when you look at Ginger, and if you apply this youll find out when you look at your body, youll find out from the engineering Systems Approach Ginger lowers Vata Okay, so if youre very jittery and you want to calm down right if you have an upset stomach thats transport Ginger lowers Vata. I did that when I was a 14 year old kid. By the way, any one of these chemical reactions looks like this chemical a reacts with a chemical being to give protein x, and these in 2003, some of these little diagrams are becoming mathematical models. But the point is, they ignore the IFN. So when we look at the Synergistic Principle, were able to also discover that, when you look at that, you know, Yogi who, or that medicinal healer is mixing many things together, weve been able to use this same approach to develop a new product. . derived from a "fake scvence" understanding of the immune system one, which Dr. Fauci, over five decades has perpetuated, and exploited to build his career . What is Ginger well first of all its a mighty herb you know its one of the most commonly consumed dietary condiments in the world its a rhizome its not really a root when we say root but its the thing that grows off the side of roots and its the main portion of Ginger that is consumed. So, a lot of the work here is being done very ineffectively. Still in the Limbo. And if you look at someone like Fauci, he is the guy who architected the big lie that HIV is responsible for AIDS.. Heres a piece of Ginger right if you see I have tons of Ginger at my home I typically boiling Ginger typically in the morning some people will take off the skin of Ginger right which is what I like to do chop it up and Ill have a big bowl of water and Ill put it in there and I typically can add it to different teas but and notice this is not a root youll find a Ginger is actually a rhizome. And so, what I want to do is, and all of you, when you go understand this, you can really understand the foundations of Truth Freedom Health. I dont go a day without having some type of ginger tea or including it in some food. Our business specializes in heavy metal detoxing, IV vitamin therapy, and a complete approach to functional medicine addressing the body, mind, and spirit. 467K views, 8.6K likes, 2.3K loves, 2.7K comments, 7.2K shares, Facebook Watch Videos from V.A. Hepato means liver, okay, many of these roots, these rhizomes, including turmeric, as weve talked about, is a very powerful effect for protecting the liver. COVID-19 Vaccinations: "Allergic reaction" or A Vagal Response? Do you believe all of these things too? This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. sorry Joel C-1984 is a plandemic not pandemic. Ginger also lowers Pitta. The Inventor of Email, Systems Health, CytoSolve. And then hopefully, we dont kill too many pilots at all. So when Ginger connects with inhibition of Cyclooxygenase enzymes, down regulates inflammation. Heres The Truth: Shiva Ayyadurai Didnt Invent Email, The Crazy Story Of The Man Who Pretended To Invent Email, Miracle cure testimonials aside, azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine probably do not work against COVID-19, Vaccine Injury Epidemic (VIE) Event: Antivaxers protest the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, No, WHO scientists did not question the safety of vaccines at the Global Vaccine Safety Summit, Fact-checking hoaxes and conspiracies about the coronavirus. And what were doing now is to use Cytosolve, for the public to also understand how this ingredient affects this. Clearly, HIV exposure seems necessary to cause AIDS. So it regulates that and it and it and it also is involved in the cell death regulators p53, Bcl2, Survivin and Bax. He's currently the founder and CEO of Cytosol Inc. which is discovering cures for major diseases from pancreatic cancer to Alzheimer's. Its really the Science of Systems. Therefore, the whole goal of this old two compartment model of the Immune System is we need antibodies, antibodies, antibodies, okay. Shiva is an attention seeking twat. What I discovered and this was on the front page of MIT by the way MIT was quite intrigued why you know at arm with all these four degrees do I want to go back to India and I did and they did a front page article on this but what I discovered was the Indian system of medicine that uses the word Vata, Pitta and Kapha was directly related to the engineering systems concept that Id learned at MIT, transport conversion storage. Or that he is seeking the Republican nomination to run for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts in 2020? So Ginger affects many different so when we say molecular targets, its important to understand were talking about Ginger, from the research that weve looked at what CytoSolve goes and affects different other molecules. i am interested in more information please on this subject matter. Okay. Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, PhD (M.I.T.) His claim to fame now seems to be spreading COVID-19 misinformation, including that: Dr. Shiva (not a medical doctor) Ayyadurai also has a plan to restore the immune and economic health of the American people that includes giving adults and children very, very high doses of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, and iodine. Moreover, starting in 2003, is when we had a big opportunity for a revolution in biology. VACCINES Beyond VAXX & Anti-VAXX. I dont know about this idea of Dr. Shiva that HIV doesnt cause AIDSbut I do know that Dr. Shiva doesnt really subscribe to the germ theory of disease in general, so perhaps that is why hes saying that. COVID-19 conspiracy theories: Vaccines and 5G (along with Bill Gates) are responsible! Dismiss. Very, very important when youre looking at cell proliferation. And what effect would it have on your body, lets say relative to a function called inflammation. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. And what ginger does is it interacts with these p53, Bcl2, Survivin and Bax to ensure that apoptosis which is cell death, occurs. So todays talk is going to be on Ginger and Immune Health, a CytoSolve Molecular Systems Biology Analysis. larry mcenerney handouts, columbus academy basketball roster, percival wemys madison,
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